Simona Seibold - My Life!

My name is Simona Seibold and I am born on the 29th of september in 1976 in bavarian Regen. After my graduation from middle scool I started an apprenticeship for dietitian in Vilshofen, which I finished in 1995. Afterwards I worked in several wellness clinics and guided people in questions of diet and health. In the year 2000 I felt a strong yen to see distant places and had the luck to be hired by the travel business TUI as a worldwide tour guide. I supervised the tourists on places like Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Sri Lanka and the Maldive Islands. For love’s sake I finally went back home and decided to improve myself in the at this time rising wellness branch. So I absolved in November of 2002 my graduation as cosmetician and achieved my degree as teacher in healthiness in November of 2003.

Now I have 3 professions in the sector wellness and health, and at the end of 2003 I moved from Regen to Stocking and to my husband Andreas, and I started to work at a 4*-wellness hotel. I owe it to my familiy that I could realize my greatest dream and set up my own little wellness-studio on 3rd of July in 2005: Wellness & Cosmetics - Simona Seibold.

 Thanks to our pleased guests my little studio keeps on growing, and the 2 roomes at the beginning increased to an area of 350qm indoor and 500qm outside by now,  and furthermore 2 wellness apartments. Especially I am proud that I can give work to 10 people. At this point I want to express my thank to my wonderful team, because without them it would not be possible to establish Wellness & Cosmetics Simona Seibold to such a marvellous place of recreation and relaxation.

I wish that all my guests feel like to be on holiday just at the moment when they enter my studio, and I wish to give them the feeling that I have plenty of time for them. My studio is supposed to be a compensation of the daily stress and rush, and to give hours of rest to all of my guests. Especially important for me and my team is the quiet and private sphere in my studio. Therefore we indulge only few guests at the same time so that everybody enjoys the feeling of being unobserved and having every wish to be fulfilled.

In the meantime even some prominents from tv and radio appreciate our uncomparable and beautiful ambiente. Time after time we welcome Helene Fischer, Florian Silbereisen, Vivian Lindt, Andrè Kiesewetter, Det Müller RTLII and more.

My professions

  • 08/1995   dietitian
  • 11/2002   cosmetician
  • 01/2003   teacher in healthiness

Further education:

  • 05/2003   La Stone Therapy
  • 01/2005   Massage with Singing Bowls
  • 04/2005   Light-Chakra-Energy Compensation
  • 04/2005   Chocolate Massage
  • 04/2005   Hands Refles Energy Massage
  • 10/2005   Trendy Make-up
  • 11/2005   Massage with Stamps of Herbs
  • 11/2005   Egyptian Pharaohs Massage
  • 02/2006   Bride Make-up
  • 03/2006   Shiatsu 1
  • 05/2006   Shiatsu 2
  • 2006 Maledivian Marma Massage, learnd on the Maldive Islands
  • 2006 Ayurvedian Massage, learned at Sri Lanka
  • 2006 Green Peeling following Dr. Schrammek
  • 2007 Tibetan Massage with Honey
  • 2007 Thai Foot Massage with Rods of Teakwood
  • 2007 Malaysian Abhyanga Massage
  • 2007 Muru Aki Massage with Shells
  • 2008 Angel Massage
  • 2008 King Laurin Massage
  • 2008 Asiatic Massage with Bamboo
  • 2008 Australian Fruits Massage
  • 2008 African Baobab Massage
  • 2008 Turkish Hammam Ceremony
  • 2008 Reiki 1. Degree
  • 2008 Further Training at Bali
  • 2009 Chakra Blossoms Therapy 1
  • 2010 Chakra Blossoms Therapy 2
  • 2010 Reiki 2. Degree
  • 2011 Spiritual Healer and Live Coach
  • 2011 Radiesthesian Seminar for beginners
  • 2011 Rajawatu Massage
  • 2011 Lotus Crystal Massage
  • 2012 First Steps into Quantal Healing